The Federation of Australian Wool Organisations (FAWO) is an association of Australian organisations engaged, either directly or via the provision of associated services, in the production, selling, merchanting, processing, spinning, weaving, testing and research & development of wool and allied fibres.

FAWO is the Australian National Committee for the International Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO). IWTO is the only international and genuinely independent organisation that is the custodian of world wool trade and industry regulations since 1927. Its mission is to confirm wool as the world’s sustainable and accessible premium fibre for use in applications from high end fashion through to healthy and safe interiors. Each year approximately 95% of wool produced in Australia is exported overseas.

IWTO holds, as it were, the book of rules for all matters pertaining to the trading of wool and this ranges from testing through to contracts and terms of trade including dispute resolution. On the Australian scene, FAWO covers the more detailed local issues such as wool clip preparation and standards, sales and all matters through to animal health and welfare issues and providing support to Australian Government Departments.

FAWO Organisational Chart


With virtually all industry sectors as members, FAWO can also be regarded as the peak wool industry body in Australia. FAWO Members include:

All sectors need to work together and FAWO creates this opportunity for members to come together and present an Australian united position.


The objects of FAWO are to act as the Australian Member of IWTO in furtherance of the objects of IWTO, as set out in Article 1 of the Statutes of IWTO as follows:

  1. To maintain a permanent connection between the organisations representing wool production and the wool textile trade and industry in member-countries;
  2. To represent wool production and the wool textile trade and industry in all branches of economic activity;
  3. To promote, support or oppose measures affecting wool production and the wool textile trade and industry;
  4. To encourage manufacturers and retailers to maximise the use of wool and products of the wool textile industry;
  5. To promote the study and solution of economic and commercial questions affecting the aforesaid interests;
  6. To ensure the functioning of the International Wool Textile Arbitration Agreement in wool production and in the wool textile trade and industry;
  7. To collect and disseminate statistical and other information of interest to woolgrowers and to the wool textile trade and industry;
  8. To oversee the development and correct application of scientific Test Methods and Regulations among its membership; and
  9. Generally to do all such things as may be conducive to the attainment of any of the above objects.

It is also an object of FAWO to foster the interests of the Raw Wool and Wool Textile trade and industry in Australia, to preserve and improve its reputation internationally, and to promote the interests of its Members generally.


FAWO has such functions as are conducive to the achievement of any of its objects as set out above and, in particular, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, shall have the following functions, namely:

  1. To arrange and supervise arbitration of disputes in Australia.
  2. To provide opportunity for discussion of Wool Industry problems.
  3. To appoint Delegates and nominate Observers to Meetings of IWTO.
  4. To disseminate information, reports and other documents emanating from IWTO.
  5. To liaise with Standards Australia on Standards relevant to the Wool Industry in Australia, which may find application internationally.
  6. To encourage Australian wool testing laboratories to seek accreditation listing by IWTO.
  7. To confer and co-operate with any statutory wool authority, research organisations, other relevant organisations and Governments, in relation to any matters affecting or concerning the Australian wool industry.
  8. To confer and co-operate with wool industry organisations internationally on matters of mutual interest.
  9. To ensure that confidence is maintained in the application of efficient wool testing standards, by encouraging, for example:
    • the independent auditing of laboratories.
    • the full-time supervision of sampling operations.


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